Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Today, I want to talk about stepping out of your comfort zone.

As accountants, it can be challenging for us to step out of our comfort zone. That could mean investing in marketing training, putting yourself out there on social media, or switching from billing by the hour to value-based pricing.

I totally get it!

Last year, I was invited to speak to the Grant Thornton partner team about the millennial mindset and my tips on how their firm could accommodate this cultural shift.

When I got the call, I was so honored. And scared as s***! Excuse my french, but I was! Who was I to talk to these very accomplished, experienced professionals about how they should run their business.

After some reflection and talking through my fears with my beloved, I decided to go for it.  

  • Was it scary?- Yes!
  • Did I barely sleep the week before?- Yes!
  • Was it worth it? - Triple yes!

Not only did it go really well, but the experience has opened up so many more opportunities for me. 

I was asked to speak to their team because I was writing thought leadership articles on my personal blog. Someone from their Australian team came across the posts and forwarded it to their California team. 

My guest blog posts are now shared in places like Accounting Today. And as of last month, the Branding for Accountants website is now featured on the homepage of the Ohio Society of CPAs career resource center.

As an accountant, it can be scary to share your ideas on social media. Maybe the idea of having a blog seems daunting.

But, it's in the moment that you decide to do something different- is when your life will shift for the best!

Take action: Do one thing today that scares you! Then hit reply to this email and let me know how it went.

P.S. Do you have a goal of becoming senior manager or partner at your firm? Or are you a sole practitioner building your business? And feel lost when it comes to this whole marketing and social media thing? 

I've got you covered. I created a VIP day just for you! Once the day is complete, you will leave with a brand new headshot and a step-by-step 90-day marketing plan. You can click here to learn more!

About Danetha: Danetha Doe is a millennial thought leader in the accounting industry. Named a "next-generation accountant" and one of the top 40 under 40 accounting professionals, she is an international speaker and leads business development trainings for accounting firms.

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Danetha Doe