Welcome to the Future of Accounting

Happy #TSheetsTuesday!

We are SO excited to announce that the Future of Accounting podcast is now live!

In today's launch, you will immediately have access to seven- yes SEVEN- interviews.

Future of Accounting with Danetha Doe

In the intro episode, I share how I went from NFL cheerleader to accountant to building a million dollar business from my laptop.

Jennifer Cantero, head of marketing at the fastest growing firm in Silicon Valley, shares her tips on how to become a partner at your firm.

Greg LaFollette, one of the industry's top 100 influential people, and Mark Brooks, the Senior Manager of innovation at the AICPA, talk about the AICPA's new accelerator program. This is PERFECT for you if you have an entrepreneurial idea that could help the industry grow!

Jen Hetherington, the Senior VP of Marketing & Global at TSheets, shares how to balance being a busy executive and a devoted mom.

Amy Vetter, Chief Relationship Officer at Xero, discusses work-life harmony and how to avoid burnout as you climb the ladder at your accounting firm.

Barry Melancon, CEO of the AICPA, discusses the future of profession and how the AICPA is committed to supporting high schools students who want to become accountants.

And Arthur Garcia, the Director of US Sales for Xero, shares why serving the Latino community should be a focus for accountants.

Head on over to iTunes to check out these amazing interviews, that are guaranteed to give you the insight you need in order to thrive as a young professional within the accounting industry. 


Danetha Doe