3 Steps To Reinvent Yourself as an Accountant

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Today's question comes from Rachel in New Jersey. Rachel asks:

I’m an audit associate at a large accounting firm. I really love the people I work with, but I don’t feel inspired in my role. But, I don’t know how to do anything else. How do I approach my boss about transitioning to another position when I don’t have any experience?
— Anxious Auditor

How many of us can relate to Rachel? I know I can! I remember when I was totally uninspired by my bookkeeping work, but had no clue what else to do with my business?

Reinventing yourself at any stage in your career is challenging. I spoke with a woman who has been in public accounting for over twenty years, and feels the same way you do, Rachel. She wants to start her own practice, and feels lost about how to reposition herself when she is out and about at networking events.

And although you may not be clear on what you want to do, knowing what you do not want to do is a great initial step. 

Whether you are looking for a career change or leaping into starting your own practice, here are three steps to help you build the career path of your dreams.

  1. Take inventory. Write down all the things about your current role that you love and all the things that you could do without. Gaining clarity about what truly inspires you is so key in making good decisions.
  2. Talk to someone who has a career or business that you admire. In your case, Rachel, ask yourself if you are fond of one of your senior manager's approach to work? Perhaps it is someone in HR or marketing. Ask to have a lunch chat with them to learn more about their day to day experience at the firm.
  3. Be upfront with your boss. Let them know how you are feeling and ask for feedback on where they feel your skills and personality would be a great match for the firm.
  4. [BONUS] Attend accounting conferences where you can connect with other like-minded financial professionals who own their practice, or work for other practices. Getting a perspective outside of your firm's four walls can open up a world of possibilities that you never knew existed!

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