Build Your Brand

A half-day training workshop for your ambitious millennial staff.



This half day, FUN, training session will help your staff learn the keys to building a brand using LinkedIn. Not only will this help you build a book of business, but also help your staff learn the fundamentals of building a reputation, legacy and ultimately trust within the marketplace. 

Each member of your staff will need to learn how to market their unique skills and personality in order to bring clients to your practice. Especially if they wish to become a senior manager or partner.


The training runs 3-4 hours and includes plenty of time for Q&A. At the end of the training, your staff will walk away with a 90-day marketing plan that they can implement immediately to build their book of business.

The training agenda:

  • Brand Clarity
    • What is a brand and why does it matter?
    • Choose your niche
    • Define your brand
    • Gain clarity on your thought leadership
  • Online Presence & Positioning
    • Social Media 101- which channel is the best for which industry
    • The keys to an effective social media strategy
    • How to balance personal posts versus professional posts
    • The keys to connecting with journalists and developing a press strategy
  • Networking 101 and Public Speaking
    • How to approach people when you feel like you have nothing to offer
    • Identifying conferences and events to be a speaker
    • The art of following up
  • Write your 90-Day Plan
    • Niche
    • Your social media strategy
    • Your networking strategy
    • Speaking opportunities
    • Revenue goals
  • For booking information, please email Maria at

About the trainer:
Danetha Doe is a former staff accountant and controller. After building a successful bookkeeping business for the beauty industry, she launched her consulting practice and is now a sought-after consultant for professional athletes and Fortune 500 companies.

She has worked with the Grant Thornton team and several CPAs on branding and marketing.

Danetha has been featured on Huffington Post Live with Suze Orman, named one of the top 40 under 40 accountants by CPA Practice Advisor, and the host of the Future of Accounting podcast.