Kasey Bayne, Named top 40 under 40 accounting professional by CPA Practice Advisor, 2011 and 2012

“Danetha is a true superstar in the cloud accounting world. Her passion for helping entrepreneurs - not only through finance, but in growth, strategy, and work-life balance is inspiring. Danetha easily explains complex accounting and business concepts in a way that connects to new business owners.” 


Sharna Brockett, PR Consultant & former Director of PR and Social at Xero

“Danetha Doe is a rock star business strategist and helped trailblaze the brand ambassador program at Xero.

John Gillingham, CPA and owner at Gillingham CPA

“Danetha has an exceptional presence and deep connections within the accounting and startup community. I am amazed by the breadth of her abilities in an area most consider rather dry. The combination of a vivacious personality that knows accounting and finance, particularly in the area of startups is sure to be an asset in any engagement.

Alison Ball, Global Influencer Strategy At Intuit

“I’m impressed by Danetha’s approach to helping small business owners make better business decisions so they can grow their businesses and thrive. Financial literacy is at the heart of this and Danetha takes the time to break things down in ways that entrepreneurs can understand. She then chooses the best software for each client she works with and helps them get up and running. We need more people like Danetha and I am happy to have her in our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program!”

Jacquelene Bishop, CPA and owner at Jacquelene Bishop CPA

“Danetha! What a gem! Professional services are all about the relationships you maintain. If you want great value out of your professional, you need to have a great relationship with open, honest communication and enjoy the connections. Describing connecting with Danetha as a joy is an understatement. Not only does she have valuable experience and insight to help you strategize and plan, she brings an undeniable energy and enthusiasm to your project. Her empathy makes me believe that she is great match for almost everyone. Competent and compatible!? What more could you ask for."