Interview with Yoseph West, Head of Marketing at Hubdoc

We are so excited to share our insightful interview with Hubdoc's head of marketing, Yoseph West. 

In case you didn't already hear the news, Hubdoc recently raised $4.85M in seed funding in order to scale their growth in North America, Australia and the United Kingdom. Hubdoc is a cloud accounting application that automates financial document collection and processing, and has quickly grown a raving fanbase of tech savvy accountants.

A big piece of their success has been their dedication to developing a fun-loving, quirky brand. Under Yoseph West's marketing leadership, the Hubdoc application is a favorite at accounting conferences across the nation.

The founder of Vuru, which was acquired by Wave Accounting after scaling to 70,000+ users with zero marketing spend, Yoseph has a keen eye for data analytics and developing an exceptionally effective marketing plan.

Click the link below to check out our interview with Yoseph to gain insights on how you can develop a marketing strategy for your practice.

You can connect with Yoseph West on Twitter @ycwest. To learn more about Hubdoc and the content they are producing for accountants about all things marketing, visit here.

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Danetha Doe