Episode 15: Robotics Process Automation with Dwayne Brown

In this week's interview on the Future of Accounting podcast, I chat with Dwayne Brown, Manager of Finance and Risk Services at Accenture.

Brown is currently working on his doctorate with a focus in Conduct Risk Management in Global Financial Institutions.

He began his accounting career at SUNY Genesco, graduating with a degree in Accounting and Public Relations. After working at the Discovery Channel, Fannie Mae, Sallie Mae in various roles, he went on to complete his MBA at the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins. Since then, he has been a senior consultant for Deloitte, the World Bank and now Accenture.

In this episode, Brown highlights the importance of nurturing relationships, seeking out mentors and what it means to have job that oversees robotics process automation.

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Danetha Doe